Griha Pravesh Puja in Hindu
Buying a house is a matter of great excitement for everyone. The new house is a source of new hopes and aspirations. It’s a result of hard work, austerity and  gives the sense of achievement in life, it is a place one makes many decisions in life that will matter lot, hence the entry into
Saptapadi Ceremony in Hindu religion
As saying goes Marriages are made in Heaven, but celebrated on earth,  Hindu wedding ceremony is indeed an elaborate celebration, consists of many different rituals, rites, traditions, and grand ceremonies, that stretch for days prior and after the actual date of the marriage. But now it has come down to religious ceremony before wedding, on
Seemantham or Simanta ceremony in Hindu religion
Simantonnayana is the traditional Indian baby shower. This ceremony has a different name according to which part of India your family roots originate. It has many different names Simanta Simantakarana, Seemantonnayan  Godh bharai Khoro according to Hindu Scriptures. This ritual is for the mental development of the foetus) ‘Seemant’ – this vernacular word literally means
Pind daan or shradh: Three saddhus at Ktm Durbar Square
The sacred Vedic texts and Griya Sutras are manual for man kinds; teachings within these sacred text are the foundation of the Hindu religion. If we look deep into these religious text the center of Hinduism is family and its traditions. Respect for family and ancestors is a pillar of vedic culture the Hindu religion
Kanyadan and Hasta Milap in Hindu Wedding Ceremony
Kanyadan (Giving the Bride’s hand to the groom) and Hasta Milap (Joining of Hands) are both important parts of the traditional Hindu wedding ceremony. The Kanyadan takes place in the name of the Deity Kaama. The Kanyadaan ceremony marks the biggest transition in a bride’s life. The ceremony confirms the change of role in her
Pashupatinath: the place for hindu funeral rituals or antyeshti
Antyeshti, the Hindu funeral rite is the last samskara of sixteen. The word “Antyeshti” means “the last sacrifice” in Sanskrit. The funeral rituals differ, depending on where the funeral is performed: in India or in the West, in England. In India, Hindus usually cremate the bodies of their loved ones. The only exceptions are young
Annaprashan: A Baby's First Rice Feeding Ceremony in Hindu religion
Annaprashana is one of the most significant samskaras, an ancient Hindu ritual that marks the child’s first intake of solid food. The word “Anna-prashanna” is a Sanskrit word, and it literally means “grain feeding.” Since this is the first time that the baby will eat solid food, the event is celebrated by family, relatives, and
Hindu Wedding Ceremony
Vivaha, the Hindu wedding ceremony is one of the most important Hindu samskara (rites of passages). The Hindu marriage is not just about signing documents; the actual ceremony is rich in traditional elements and rituals, and it creates a deep bond between the bride, the groom, and the two families. Moreover, the wedding ceremony has
tools for mundan ceremony in Hindu religion
The grihya (domestic) sutras ( manual) are the Vedic manuals written by different sages, over the period of time which deal with the performance of the domestic ritual by man or women, one of oldest written manual for humankind, these ritualistic ceremonies are known as Samakaras, such as conception, birth, Mundan, initiation, marriage, death, etc.
Picture of Ganesh: Rig Veda 10.85.36, Atharva Veda 14.1.50

Rig Veda 10.85.36, Atharva Veda 14.1.50

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I hold your hand for prosperity so that we will reach old age together.

Rig Veda 10.85.45

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“Be a queen over you father-in-law and a queen over your father-in-law. Be a queen over your sisters-in-law and brothers-in-law.”