Brought to you with strict values

Born in India and grown up in a Gurukula (a spiritual school) I have lived and breathed the spiritual teaching of the Vedas from a very young age. Having firmly grounded myself in the knowledge and application of Hindu teaching I came to the UK in 1997 and lived at Bhaktivedanta Manor where I learnt how to express and connect this teachings with people who have grown up in the UK. Throughout my life I have followed strict vows of no meat eating, illicit sex, gambling or intoxication, which are the legs of dharma (duty).

This has been learnt from birth

I have grown up in India and the teaching of the Vedas have been explained and recited to me countless times to the point where I hear these mantras in my sleep. Having dedicated all my life to spiritual pursuits and have the breadth and understanding I have the ability to guide someone through the key moments in life with some spiritual knowledge that is our true gift to our lives. That sense of being able to elevate our consciousness, to not be disturbed by happiness or distress and to detach ourselves from the situations that we are in. The teachings in Srimad Bhagavad Gita are profound in how they explain who we are, our relation to this world and God. This knowledge is there to save us all from the misery or repeat birth, death and old age.

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