To make you happy

A priest needs to be broad minded, that is what the word muni means. There is no point in trying to discriminate as we are all spiritual souls who are part and parcels of the Supreme. I embrace all religions, faiths, mix marriages, nationalities, anything and anyone is welcome and made to feel welcomed and part of the ceremonies that are undertaken. We always work closely with whoever is organising the event and understand their requirements to give exactly what is required.

Simple and easy to understand

There is much tradition and richness in Hindu culture when presenting this to people it can be confusing, foreign and sometimes overly complicated. As a teacher of the Veda, my main task is to simplify these concepts and make them acceptable to all. There is a universal spirit that connects all of us and the essence of all teachings talks in a very similar language of love and devotion to God. When one understands the essence then we can present nicely what is required and what essential.

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